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8 Benefits Of Human Growth Hormone Everyone Needs To Know About

If you are an athlete you might already be familiar with human growth hormone or HGH, or at least you’ve probably heard of it. HGH has been linked to steroid use but what you might not know is that human growth hormone is actually a natural testosterone booster that the body produces and it has many benefits to everyone, not just athletes.

HGH Helps Build MusclesHGH is produced in your pituitary gland and it plays a key role in the growth, regeneration, and maintenance of cells and tissue, as well as vital organs. HGH is secreted into your bloodstream where it stays active for a short period of time so that your liver has adequate time to convert the HGH into usable growth factors mainly IGF-1 (Insulin type growth factor)

For less than a century HGH has been studied, and it was during the 1980s that synthetic HGH was developed and received FDA approval for specific uses. Synthetic HGH should not be confused with natural HGH produced by your body, or with HGH supplements like GenF20 Plus, which promote the body in developing human growth hormones. Let’s look at some of the benefits of HGH.

The Following Are The Top 8 HGH Benefits:

#1 Fractures, Injuries, and Wounds Heal Quicker

 Various hormones and growth factors regulate mineral/bone metabolism and help to heal fractures. When HGH is taken it has been shown to hasten bone regeneration and healing. Taking an HGH supplement like GenF20 Plus, Growth Factor Plus, Somatropinne and HGH Spray can stimulate the body’s production of human growth hormone and therefore stimulate bone metabolism.

Bone Journal (1) Published an articles on a study done where subcutaneous HGH injections were given to rats and compared to the placebo group. The study found that those rats given the injections benefited from HGH tremendously and had their fractures heal faster.

Research has found that HGH also plays a key role in healing of wounds and injuries. A randomized study done by the University of California Medicine Dept (2) did a 6-month double blind study of 28 older men that were healthy overall, but who were given HGH injections for wound healing and improved, quicker healing was noted.

#2 Reduce Risk of Cardio Disease

If a person is HGH deficient they have an increased risk of cardio disease and a shortened life expectancy. A Swedish study (3) of 104 HGH deficient patients was studied for their risk of cardiovascular disease. What the study found was that compared to the control group, the HGH deficient group has a higher body mass and increased triglyceride concentrations, which showed that decreased HGH levels alter lipoprotein metabolism leading to an increased risk of cardio disease.

#3 Improve Erectile Dysfunction

Studies show that male reproductive function is linked to HGH and a deficiency of HGH is linked to erectile dysfunction. In one German study (4) 35 healthy men and 45 men with erectile dysfunction were presented with visual and physical stimuli to elicit an erection. The study found that HGH may result in penile erection and improve erectile dysfunction, which means that there is the possibility of a natural remedy for curing erectile dysfunction.

#4 Improved Muscle Strength

A study (5) was done at the University of Rio De Janeiro, involving 14 healthy men between 50 and 70 years of age, broken into two groups of 7, in which one group was given HGH and the other group received a placebo. After 6-months both groups were re-evaluated and what the study revealed is that the HGH group showed an increase in the lower body’s muscle strength. The study also found that those adults who were deficient in HGH improved when HGH therapy was administered. In fact HGH is very popular amongst athletes mainly for its muscle building benefits.

#5 Improved Cognitive Function and Better Moods

Another great HGH benefit has to do with its effects on the brain. When HGH therapy is used in deficient adults it can restore psychological well being and overall quality of life. One study in Lithuania (6) looked at the cognitive function changes, concentration, and mood. After 6-months of HGH recombinant treatment of18 human growth hormone deficient adults who were given 12 IU/week, there was a significant improvement in cognitive function and mood.

#6 Develop Stronger Bones

According to a report (7) published in Bone Health and Osteoporosis – A Report of the Surgeon General, The pituitary gland is responsible for stimulating the release of HGH needed for bone growth, and during puberty it is especially important. HGH stimulates IGF-1 production in the liver, which is then released into the blood. As a person ages there is a decrease in the production of HGH and it becomes harder for individuals to rapidly form/replace bone.

#7 Improved Weight Loss & a Decrease in Obesity

HGH increases lipolysis, the breakdown of lipids, and triglyceride hydrolysis. A study by Hormone Research (8) found restricting diet and HGH treatments affect lipolytic and anabolic action, and change HGH and insulin secretions. 24 people were placed on the hypocaloric diet and then for 12-weeks part of the group was given a placebo, while the other part of the group was given recombinant HGH. Those who had the HGH treatment experienced an increase of 1.6 fold in weight loss compared to the placebo group. Visceral fat was where the most loss was experienced. The study found that the HGH group gained lean body mass, while the placebo group lost lean body mass. The study found that obese participants who ate a restricted caloric diet and where given HGH treatment experienced a faster loss of body fat. Thus HGH can help obese people lose weight more efficiently and decrease obesity.

#8 Sleep Better

The University of Chicago Medicine Dept (9) conducted a study where participants were deprived of sleep for 24-36 hours. They found a significant decrease in the release of HGH especially at night. The study found that if a person is sleep deprived the reduce of HGH in the morning is reduced and that reduction can significantly disturb sleep-wake cycles. When HGH treatment was initiated can have improved sleep – deeper, longer sleep.

Here you have 8-key benefits of HGH, and there are a number of others.

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