The following disclosure exhibits our intention to fully follow the policy of the FTC which requires that we maintain transparency about the affiliate relations present on our website. In lay man’s language, our visitors or customers should consider the links on this site as affiliate links.

If you follow the links and visit the resultant sites, we get a commission in the event that you purchase a product from the other end. The commission is generated from a cookie that is set on your web browser the moment you visit the site. We ensure that you are aware of our affiliate relationships to you. This is a justifiable method of monetizing and paying for the running of the web sites.

We also disclose that we cloak or shorten most of the hyperlinks found on this site to avoid the presence of long ugly links. The aim is to enable effective tracking and functionality. Link cloaking, shortening and tracking is done on all forms of web sites. In addition to that we hold in high regard the relationship we have with services, products and fine vendors present on this site, hence we don’t have anything to hide.

We do not do posts or reviews in exchange for cash or physical products which means that the posts you find on this site are not paid for. However, our affiliate relationships may have had an influence on our posts and reviews hence a conflict of interest may result.

We have described link techniques and affiliate links which you as the customer is at liberty to decide, hence we do not believe in the existence of a conflict of interest. Obviously, we would prefer that you purchase the products or services which we describe on our site. However, we only post or review services and products that we trust to avoid conflict. We also ensure that we discuss topics and promote products by giving our honest experiences, beliefs, findings and opinions.

We also allow other vendors to advertise their products on our website in the form of hyperlinks, widgets and banners, and these are paid for. However, in as much as we strive to allow advertisements of high quality products on our site, we are not liable for testimonials and claims that customers make on the paid advertising links.

What follows is a document that is framed in more of a legal format, but stipulates the same information that is present in the above English Translation.

The FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION includes conditions that guide how testimonials and endorsements should be utilized on advertising (16 CFR Part 255). The policy is geared towards maintaining any compensatory affiliation between affiliate networks such as Share-A-Sale, Google, Clickbank, Commission Junction or Google and the owner of the site

If you have any queries about the website, please reach us at

There are times when our site accepts affiliate compensation in the form of paid insertions, sponsorship and cash advertising.

The posts, topics or advertising content that appears on our site may or may not be influenced by the compensation we receive. We do not always present the posts, space of advertising or content as sponsored or paid. Therefore, we do not present or write all content with the main aim of receiving affiliate income.

The individual(s) who own this website receive compensation through a wide range of affiliate programs. However, regardless of the fact that the owner(s) get compensated for advertising or reviewing, we strive to give our honest opinions, advertisements, beliefs and findings about the products or topics in question. The opinions and views present on the website are totally the website’s own. The manufacturer or provider of the service or product should verify any claims, representations, statistics or quotes regarding the same. has content which may or may not elicit a conflict of interest. Given the nature of the posing methods, one may fail to always identify the content. However, we will attempt to mark general non-advertising from advertising content whenever it is possible.

How do affiliates earn money?

The commission per sale model (CPS) is the most common structure of commission, and every merchant on joining an affiliate network makes a decision about the amount of commission they are looking to pay affiliates.

Higher commissions are offered on extremely competitive markets as compared to industries that are less competitive.

It requires dedication and hard work to earn on affiliate marketing, considering that it is not a get rich quick scheme. Most affiliates can only replace their main source of income after having worked for at least 15 months.

How do I know if I visited an affiliate site?

When you look at URLs in text links and banners, you will determine if visitors are directly accessing the website of the merchant or are using affiliate links. This is because affiliate networks provide their affiliates with special links which they use to refer visitors from their sites to the website of the merchant.

How does visiting an affiliate site affect me?

Considering the nature of affiliate marketing, following the affiliate link will land you on the website of the merchant. Therefore, whether you access the website through an affiliate link or directly, you get the same results.

Accessing the website through an affiliate site does not directly affect your purchase, since you still make purchases of goods and services at the same price.

We assure our customers of a high degree of transparency, which is why we require all our affiliates to work in line with our best practice framework.

However, in the event you feel that an affiliate website is misleading you, please reach out to us at

  1. Amazon affiliate links. takes part in an affiliate advertising program called Amazon Service LLC Associates. It allows owners of websites to earn fees through linking to affiliated sites, other websites with an affiliation to Amazon Service LLC Associates and itself.

  1. Product affiliate links.

You are not entitled to different prices if you use affiliate links. This means that they are not ‘pay per click,’ hence you are not charged more by following a link. However, we get some form of compensation which could be a percentage of the total sales if you click an affiliate link of the product and purchase the product.

What about sponsored content?

Our aim is to give un-biased and authentic information, which is why we prefer not to write sponsored posts. However, we disclose at the beginning of the post in the event that a company requests to publish sponsored content on The idea is that we only endorse products that we would advise friends and family to use.