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A Commitment to Serve Since 1928

Brotman Medical Center has a strong presence in the community and has dedicated itself not only to providing quality care, but also to enriching the lives of Culver City and West Los Angeles residents.


Brotman Medical Center has an active volunteer program. Our volunteers come to us from local high schools and colleges, adults currently in the work force and unemployed or retired men and women who enjoy the activity and camaraderie of helping others.

Volunteers perform a variety of tasks including answering telephones and filing, greeting patients and other customers, making photocopies, running errands, offering books and magazines to patients from a library cart, preparing literature for mailing and many other duties.

The requirements for being a volunteer at Brotman include a brief interview, passing a physical, and being committed to work a total of 40 hours. Volunteers are encouraged to work a minimum of 4 hours on any day they are available to work. The volunteer is required to purchase a jacket or smock to wear while on duty.

Volunteers give an organization the incredible gift of their time, and in return they have the wonderful satisfaction of being productive and knowing that they have helped others.

To receive an application, please call (310) 836-7000 or visit Brotman Medical Center at 3828 Delmas Terrace, Culver City.

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